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    2017 Toyota Tundra
  • used pickup trucks for sale
    2017 Toyota Tundra
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    2017 Toyota Tundra
  • used toyota tundra
    2017 Toyota Tundra

Custom Tundra for Sale

At Devolro, we understand that you don’t always have the time or budget to customize every inch of your vehicle, which is why we’re proud to provide custom Tundras for sale. With a number of powerful Tundra modifications installed by our professional technicians, you get all the performance enhancements you want — without the wait. Check out some of our favorite Toyota Tundra upgrades and features here.

2017 Toyota Tundra
  • DRIVE TYPE 4WD/4x4
  • ENGINE 5.7 V8
  • YEAR 2017
  • MILEAGE 36,082 mi
  • FUEL Gasoline
  • TITLE Rebuild
  • EXTERIOR Gray & Black Dev-X Protective Coating
  • INTERIOR Gray & Black

2017 Tundra Custom Features

With so many customization options available, we decided to pack as many as we could into our ready for sale Tundra. Some of our most unique additions to this truck include:

  • Dev-X Polymer Protective Coating
  • Fender Flayers
  • 5.29 Gear Ratio Upgrade
  • Smoked Tail Lights
  • Premium Alcantara & Vinyl Interior
  • 35 x 12.5 x 20” Tires
  • 20x10” Wheels (Nitro/Fuel)

We’ve even added steel front and rear bumpers with a bull bar, fog lights, and winch that caps at 10,000 lbs. Compare the upgrades our technicians have installed with the original specifications below to see the difference.

Truck Specifications
  • Body & Exterior
    • Dev-X Polymer Protective Coating - Grey and Black Finish
    • Steel Front Bumper with Bull Bar, Fog Lights & Winch 10,000 lbs cap
    • 2019 Devolro Front Mesh Grille
    • Fender Flayers
    • Rock Sliders Step Bars
    • Devolro Steel Rear Bumper
    • Smoked Tailights
    • Custom Devolro Roll Bar
  • Engine & Performances
    • 5.29 Gear Ratio Upgrade
    • Upgraded Front & Rear Air Locker System (ARB)
  • Wheels & Suspension
    • 35x12.5x20” Tires / 20x10” Wheels (Nitto/Fuel)
    • Upgraded Suspension System, Control Arms, 6’’ BDS Lift Kit
    • Sway Bars
  • Upholstery & Interior
    • Premium Alcantara and High quality vinyl
    • Restoration of Plastic Parts on the Doors
Buying a Used Truck
  • Our philosophy
      As soon as you sit down into your new car, it loses value. It’s a fact. As car customizers with years of experience, we decided to offer our clients an option of getting a custom truck for about the same price as you would pay for a new one (without customizations) at the dealership. Because customizing a car means getting rid of quite a few parts and replacing them with new ones, so why throw away perfectly good parts from a new pickup if you can do so with old/used parts, save thousands of dollars and get a one of a kind, unique, head turning truck?
  • About this Truck
    • This 2017 Toyota Tundra came in with a salvage title (now rebuilt), due to a rear-end collusion. Airbags didn’t deploy. The bed was damaged, rear view window was missing, as well as rear lights. In this case we didn’t fix it, we just installed completely new parts.
    • The interior had a full makeover, including headliner and front console. The silver paint was upgraded to our Dev-X protective polymer coating.
    • See the full list of the work we did on this truck in the “Truck Specifications” section
  • Why trust us?
    • We only buy vehicles with damaged parts, that we can or would normally replace anyway (such as bumpers, fenders, upholstery), and we make them look absolutely new and unique or
    • We don’t take cars with severe damages, only cosmetic
    • We don’t hide vehicle history from our clients
    • If the part is damaged/not functional we replace it (even in the interior)
    • We are proud of what we do and guaranty you full satisfaction with your pickup


  • CAR 2017 Toyota Tundra CREWMAX SR5
  • CAR TYPE Truck
  • TRAMSMISSION Automatic
  • ENGINE TYPE Gasoline
  • VECHICLE 2017 Toyota Tundra CREWMAX SR5
  • PURCHASED FROM copart.com
  • TITLE TYPE Salvage, now rebuilt
  • MILEAGE 36,082 mi
  • FUEL Gasoline
  • DAMAGE REPORT Vehicle involved in a rear-end collision with another motor vehicle. Airbags did not deploy. Minor from and rear damage. All the issues have been fixed and dealt with by DEVOLRO.
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Rebuilt Toyota Tundra

Custom Options with Devolro

In addition to our custom Tundra for sale, we also offer a number of customized Ford vehicles for your convenience. Explore our entire selection of ready to buy custom trucks and order now to get quality modifications and accessories for the ride you’ve always wanted.

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