Spray-on bedliner

Dev-X, spray-on polymer coating, can be applied to any surface of any shape, making it perfect for use in automotive industry. It can be applied both inside and outside of your vehicle, guaranteeing unbeatable protection from scratches, dents and rust.

Coating that will transform your truck

- Waterproof

- Corrosion prevention

- Impact and abrasion protection

- Anti scratch

- Rust prevention

- Color options available

- Easy to clean

- Does not fade or lose color

- Absorbs sound and dampers vibration

- Can be applied on any surface

We tested our cars through the roughest lands and weather conditions, and took part in extremely challenging expeditions where Dev-X has proven itself to be ideal for off-road challenges. It is tougher than any traditional car body protection and will leave you worry-free about any damage or dirt.
Whether you want full body protection including undercarriage, or just partial exterior or truck bed coverage, Dev-X will provide you with durable protection in town and off-road.
Custom color pigmentation available
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