Dev-X. The Ultimate
protection for
your vehicle


Combination of beauty and performance, durability and protection, Dev-X polymer is developed to withhold any weather conditions, and to protect your vehicle from impact damage, rusting, and loosing/fading color.

Dev-X will protect you vehicle from:




Door dings


  • Dev X Color Gray
  • Dev X Color Green
  • Dev X Color Red
  • Dev X Color White
  • Dev X Color Yellow
Custom color options available

UV Light


Dampers sound

Absorbs impacts

Stand out with Dev-X spray-on polymer coating

Dev-X spray-on polymer coating can be applied to any surface and it adheres to any shape which makes it perfect for automotive industry. Whether you choose full vehicle spray, partial (bumpers/fenders/rock sliders/bedliner), undercarriage, or maybe interior spray, Dev-X will give you unbeatable protection off-road and in town.

How is Dev-X applied

1. Sanding

To guarantee a strong bond, all the parts that will be covered in Dev-X spray-on polymer are sanded

2. Masking

The car is masked and covered in order to protect from over-spraying on the parts that don’t need coverage

3. Color creation

This step is only applied applied if custom color pigment is going to be used

4. Preparation

- Impact and abrasion protection

5. Application

To cover the vehicle fully it takes 7 to 9 hours. The spray-on polymer dries in 2-3 seconds

6. Curing

You can take the car home as soon as it is ready, but we recommend not to start testing all the protective qualities of Dev-X before 24 hours, as it does need to cure

We tested our cars through the roughest lands and weather conditions, and took part in extremely challenging expeditions where Dev-X has proven itself to be ideal for off-road challenges. It is tougher than any traditional car body protection and will leave you worry-free about any damage or dirt.
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