Custom Devolro Truck Models

Here you can find a list of the most popular Devolro truck configuration options based on the Toyota Tundra and Ford F150. It's here just to give you an idea of some possible truck configurations from which you can choose and pick. At Devolro, your truck is fully customizable, so any option you can add and remove any, but we will give you recommendations as some upgrades might require extra work to make your truck more comfortable and reliable.

A Trusted Companion
Based on Toyota Tundra


The Armored Super Truck
Based on Toyota Tundra


Military Grade Hunting
Based on Toyota Tundra


Versatile Luxury
Based on Toyota Tundra


Flexible and Tough
Based on Toyota Tundra


Ultimate Performance
Based on Toyota Tundra


From exterior enhancements to interior redesigns, we’ve thought of everything you could possibly need to complement your hobbies. Ask our team about applying these specs to other truck makes and models.

Customization with Devolro

At Devolro, we’re here to deliver you the utmost in luxury, versatility, and capability. We can enhance and upgrade your truck until it delivers the peak performance you’re looking for. From custom truck builds to ready for sale options, we have it all. Browse our catalog to find the perfect fit for you.

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