B4-B7 Custom Armored Vehicles

Customize your armored vehicles to protect against arms fire and impacts. Devolro is a trusted supplier of military-grade vehicles to special units and individuals across the globe.
Custom Armored Trucks & Cars

Devolro armored vehicles are the pinnacle of form and function with outstanding design and uncompromising safety. See one of our prefabricated armored super trucks or speak with one of our automotive technicians for help selecting the armor package best suited for your security.



B4 to B7 Armouring Options

We provide four custom grades of vehicle armor for protection against small arms fire, all the way to armor-pierce rounds from high-velocity rifles. Compare these options to determine the level of protection you need on your custom armored truck.


B-4 Armored Vehicles

Custom armored vehicles with this level of protection are rated to withstand small arms fire including rounds from .44 Magnum handguns and 12 gauge shotguns. Custom armored vehicles with this level of protection make for excellent general-purpose transportation but may fail if subjected to military-grade weapons fire.


B-5 Armored Vehicles

Custom armored trucks with B-5 armor are one step up in protection. The armor is at least 7.5 mm in thickness and protects against conventional rounds fired by hunting rifles and assault rifles such as the AK-47. It’s also better able to withstand full metal jacket rounds from smaller caliber arms.


B-6 Armored Vehicles

At this level, our custom armored vehicles are able to stop armor-piercing rounds by many weapons. They also protect against full metal jacket rounds by many assault rifles, sniper rifles, and light machine guns.


B-7 Armored Vehicles

This is the highest level of protection we can provide for civilian vehicles. Custom armored trucks with B-7 armor are protected against armor-piercing rounds fired by high-powered rifles. This level of protection is employed by world leaders and celebrities worldwide and has a track record of saving lives.


Custom Protection from Devolro

Our team is proud to be a trusted resource for security and protection. If you’re looking for the very best custom armored cars and trucks available to civilians, contact us today to discuss which package is best for you.

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