A Custom Armored Toyota Tundra

The Interceptor is made for the highest levels of security and reliability. B4-B7 armor protects against threats ranging from small arms fire to armor-piercing high-powered rounds. A full application of Dev-X protective coating ensures not even the paint will scratch from moderate impacts. Every inch of this custom vehicle has been expertly fine-tuned for your safety and comfort.


Based on Toyota

The Interceptor package was designed to create an armored Toyota Tundra for high-level officials and military elite that demand the highest standard of security. Every enhancement and upgrade is made with top-quality materials and installed with precision to ensure we meet your every design specification.


The Devolro Interceptor was designed to ensure the safety and security of passengers while providing top-tier comfort. Expect a fully armored Toyota Tundra with bulletproof glass, along with reinforcements for the entire body, roof, frame, and doors. Enjoy fender flares, vibration insulation, enhanced lighting capabilities, full undercarriage protection, and much more.


With the safety and power upgrades to this Toyota Tundra, you’ll have all the comfort you want with the protection you’d need to traverse an active warzone.

While our exterior modifications of the Interceptor are all about protection, the interior speaks to luxury and comfort. From the design and fabrics to the interior screens and sound system, everything can be personalized for your needs. Enjoy premium leather and carbon fiber materials as well as full cabin sound deadening and heat insulation.


Engine & Performances
  • Supercharger
  • Exhaust, 2 pipes
  • Toyota 4WD 4.88 Gear Package Kit.
  • ARB front/rear Air Lockers, compressor and all air lines installed
  • Devolro snorkel (3 components)
Wheels & Suspension
  • 7’’ Lift kit
  • Suspension System Upgrade «Devolro»
  • Transaction Bars installation
  • Billet Aluminum Upper Control Arms By “DEVOLRO”
  • Spring Leaf Reinforced Package
  • Reinforced Front & Rear Sway Bars
  • Nitto R37 Tires, R22 Wheels
  • High Performance Brembo GT Brake Kit (8 pistons)
Exterior & Body Kit
  • Fully armored vehicle (glass, body, floor, roof, frame, battery, door supports, engine, exhaust, fuel tank,run-flat tires)
  • Fully Equipped Front Bumper "DEVOLRO" covered in Dev-X with 2" LED lights by Rigid (x4), Solid Shackles (x2), 10.000lbs Winch
  • Rear Bumper "DEVOLRO" covered in Dev-X, with Rear Winch 9500lbs and additional high output battery
  • Shackles (x4)
  • Fender Flares «DEVOLRO"
  • Step Bars / Rock Sliders "DEVOLRO" with Dev-X
  • Topper "DEVOLRO" Full Walk In Door - with Dev-X )
  • Roof Rack "DEVOLRO" (Topper) with Dev-X
  • Tire Carrier for Roof Rack or Bed Trunk
  • Devolro Front Mesh Grille
  • Skid Plate "DEVOLRO"
  • Full Undercarriage Dev-X Protection
  • Full Body Dev-X Protection
  • Bi-Xenon Headlights «DEVOLRO"
  • Smoked Taillights
  • LED Front Fog Lights (x4)
  • Double Row 50" LED Bar - 1 mile range
  • Single Row 30" LED Bar
  • Side Single Row 30" LED Bar (x2)
  • Tailgate LED Bar 60»
  • Front Cab Lights - Smoked (x5)
  • Rear Cab Lights - Smoked (x5)
  • Bed Step
  • Plastic Tool Box, Swing Case
  • Truck Bed Dev-X Coating
  • Plastic Insert for Bedliner Protection
Upholstery & Interior
  • Premium Custom Interior (Full Interior Customization: seats, dashboard, door panels, headliner, armrest console, carpets, steering wheel & gearshift knob, 24 plastic pieces replacement, design/creation)
  • Premium Alcantara Headliner
  • Premium Leather Floor Mats
  • Brushed Aluminum, Wood, Or Royal Piano Black Interior Kit
  • Premium Carbon Fiber Interior Kit
  • Full Cabin Sound Deadening, Heat And Vibration Insulation
  • Illuminated Steps With "DEVOLRO" Logo
Technology & Functionality
  • Premium Sound System
  • Additional Cargo Area Lightning
  • Parktronics
  • Wireless phonecharger
  • Termal and night vision camera
  • XXL Main screen
Additional Accessories
  • Increased Capacity Custom Fuel Tank (46 Gallons) with Dev-X
  • Heated Windshield Wipers
  • Train Horn
  • Bug Deflector «DEVOLRO"
  • Vent Visors "DEVOLRO"

We have created a number of proposals that will suit even selective enthusiasts. We offer a complete list of customizable options from more than 120 trading units, from internal to external design.

Are you looking for maximum in personal and corporate security? Your quest is over, because with Devolro you get an ultimate bulletproof protection for your colleagues and employees. We are installing the best hybrid hybrid armor system on the market, which exceeds the B6 standards. At the same time, it is ultra-light (30 kg lighter) and does not affect the power and speed of the car.


Excellence in Safety and Comfort

Devolro has over a decade of experience customizing trucks for an elite clientele. Trust in our team to deliver the perfect upgrade package — whether it’s an armored Toyota Tundra or the off-road vehicle of your wildest dreams. Explore our customization options with over 120 trading units to modify the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

See all of your upgrade options in the Devolro catalog and call our team to get started.

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