The idea behind this Jeep Wrangler was to reflect the lifestyle of its owner, 2x UFC World Champion - Vitor Belfort. In his words, his Wrangler had to become “Durable, strong, and ready to fight”. And that's exactly what we did.

In order to protect the body of the vehicle from external conditions, we applied our spray-on Dev-X protective coating, which also gave the Wrangler a meaner-stronger look. Vitor wanted the inside of the car to be water resistant, therefore, the inside of the Jeep was also protected with Dev-X. And in case the water goes inside the car, we also installed water drains.

For the same matter, we used marine-grade leather to reupholster the interior. This is a great solution for Wrangler owners, as this leather is a lot more durable and resistant to rain, sun, dirt, and chemicals than auto-leather. We used the same material to create the tire cover for the spare wheel.

The finishing touches were done with the help of the RBP grill and wheels. They gave the Jeep Wrangler that fancy off-road look. This car is a real head-turner!

See the whole process in the video!

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