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Custom 2018 Ford F150

If you appreciate the raw power of Ford trucks and are searching for a custom F150 for sale, you’re in luck. Devolro is proud to bring you a custom 2018 Ford F150 truck that has been significantly enhanced by our design and performance studio. Whether you’re riding inside this vehicle or observing from the street, the premium craftsmanship of this truck is undeniable. Explore our all-inclusive package to discover what you’re getting with our revamped F150.

2018 Ford F150
  • PRICE $110 000
  • DRIVE TYPE 4WD/4x4
  • ENGINE 5.0 V8
  • YEAR 2018
  • MILEAGE 17,680 mi
  • FUEL Gas
  • OWNERS 1
  • EXTERIOR Black Dev-X Protective Coating
  • INTERIOR Black and Red premium materials

F150 Custom Features

From extra features for wheels and suspension to cutting-edge technology throughout, there are a number of additions you can expect in this custom F150 for sale. Check out some of the most popular specifications in this performance package including:

  • Dev-X Polymer Protective Coating
  • Thermal/Night Vision Camera
  • Supercharger & Engine Components Upgrades
  • 850+ Horsepower V8 5.0L 4x4
  • Genuine Dual Exhaust Full System
  • Long Tube Headers Upgrade
  • Tool Box Swing Case
  • Hi-Lift Jack
  • Custom Fuel Tank with Increased Capacity

You can also expect premium grade Italian leather and upholstery as well as a carbon fiber interior in Cherry Red. Enjoy full cabin sound dampening along with heat and vibration insulation as well.

For a full list of the upgraded features, review the full truck specifications and compare them with the original specs below.

Truck Specifications
  • Body & Exterior
    • Dev-X Polymer Protective Coating
    • Fully Equipped Steel Front Bumper with Bull Bar, Fog Lights & Winch 10,000 lbs. capacity
    • 2019 Front Mesh Grille
    • Wide Body Fenders, Wide Body Bed Sides & Rock Sliders Step Bars
    • Steel Rear Bumper with Parktronics Rear Walk-in Door
    • Topper & Roof Rack with 360° LED Bars
    • Bi-Xenon Headlights & Tailights Upgrade
    • Skid Plate
  • Engine & Performances
    • 850+ Horsepower V8 5.0L 4x4
    • Supercharger & Engine Components Upgrades
    • Genuine Dual Exhaust Full System
    • Longtube Headers Upgrade
    • Gear Ratio Upgrade
    • Front & Rear Air Locker System
  • Wheels & Suspension
    • 40’’ Nitto Tires / 22” Fuel Wheels
    • High Performance 420mm Perforated Brembo Brakes
    • Upgraded Suspension System, Control Arms, 7’’ Lift
    • Spring Leaf Reinforcement
    • Sway Bars Reinforcement
    • Traction Bars
  • Technology
    • Wireless Charger Platforms - Up to 3 Phones Charging Simultaneously
    • XXL Tesla-Style Screen Monitor and Infotainment System
    • Upgraded Sound System
    • Thermal/Night Vision Camera
  • Upholstery & Interior
    • Premium Grade Italian Leather & Alcantara Full Upholstery
    • Premium Carbon Fiber Interior (Cherry Red finish) - Replacement of 25 Plastic Parts
    • Full Cabin Sound Deadening, Heat & Vibration Insulation
  • Extras
    • Tool Box Swing Case (bed-mounted) x2
    • Hi-Lift Jack (bed-mounted)
    • Increased Capacity Custom Fuel Tank (46 Gallons) with Dev-X
    • Heated Windshield Wipers
    • Train Horn
    • Bug Deflector «DEVOLRO"
    • Vent Visors "DEVOLRO"


  • CAR 2018 Ford F150 Supercrew
  • CAR TYPE Truck
  • TRAMSMISSION 10-speed shiftable automatic
  • ENGINE TYPE Gasoline
  • VECHICLE 2018 Ford F150 Supercrew
  • PURCHASED FROM iaai.com
  • COLOR Red/Beige
  • MILEAGE 17,651 mi
  • OWNER 1 Owner Vehicle
  • FUEL Gasoline
  • DAMAGE REPORT Minor accident reported with no structural damage, door latch freezing concerns, front driver airbag deployed. All the issues have been fixed and dealt with by DEVOLRO.
Ford F150
2018 Ford F150 Supercrew Front Right
2018 Ford F150 Supercrew Rear Left
2018 Ford F150 Supercrew Rear Right
2018 Ford F150 Supercrew
2018 Ford F150 Supercrew engine
1FTEW1E59JKC89111 2018 Ford F150 Supercrew 23802605
2018 Ford F150 Supercrew mi

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