Dev-X. The Ultimate
protection for
your vehicle

Protective Coating for Cars & Trucks

Exceptionally durable and undeniably beautiful. Dev-X polymer coating guards against impact damage, rust, and color fading. This protective vehicle coating holds strong through any weather to keep your car or truck in pristine condition.

Dev-X will protect you vehicle from:




Door dings


  • Dev X Color Gray
  • Dev X Color Green
  • Dev X Color Red
  • Dev X Color White
  • Dev X Color Yellow
Custom color options available

UV Light


Dampers sound

Absorbs impacts

Stand Out with Polymer Protective Coating for Cars & Trucks

Dev-X material provides superior protection for cars and heavy-duty vehicles of all kinds, making them highly resistant to damage. This polymer protective coating for vehicles adheres to any shape. Choose a complete treatment, partial (bumpers/fenders/rock sliders/bedliner), undercarriage, or even an interior application.

How Dev-X is Applied

1. Sanding

Sanding guarantees that the protective coating binds tightly to the vehicle parts.

2. Masking

Masking protects areas of the vehicle that will not receive the protective coating.

3. Color Creation

This step is used to create a custom color pigment for your vehicle’s coating.

4. Preparation

Preparation enhances the impact and abrasion protection of the coating for cars & trucks.

5. Application

The protective coating is applied to the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage takes 7 to 9 hours.

6. Curing

Dev-X coating takes a full 24 hours to set. You can take your vehicle home as soon as it’s ready.

The Power of Dev-X Coating
Dev-X polymer protective coating for cars and trucks has proven itself in the most intense driving conditions, through rough terrain and punishing weather. Choose the toughest protective vehicle coating available and have it applied by the specialists here at Devolro.
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