Custom Devolro Truck Models

Here you can find a list of the most popular Devolro truck configuration options based on the Toyota Tundra and Ford F150. It's here just to give you an idea of some possible truck configurations from which you can choose and pick. At Devolro, your truck is fully customizable, so any option you can add and remove any, but we will give you recommendations as some upgrades might require extra work to make your truck more comfortable and reliable.

  • Custom Tundra
    2020 Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota Tundra 2020
    2020 Toyota Tundra
  • Tundra 2020
    2020 Toyota Tundra
  • Tundra Upholstery
    2020 Toyota Tundra

Customized 2020 Toyota Tundra

Build per specific requirements, this 2020 Toyota Tundra offers you the most unique and specialized enhancements from our service line. Impressive upgrades for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle radically modify the aesthetic and performance you can expect. Check out our comprehensive package to explore how we’ve made this model unique to Devolro.

2020 Toyota Tundra
  • DRIVE TYPE 4WD/4x4
  • ENGINE 5.7 V8
  • YEAR 2020
  • FUEL Gasoline
  • OWNERS 0
  • EXTERIOR Black Dev-X Protective Coating
  • INTERIOR Black & Bordeaux premium materials

Toyota Tundra Mods & Features

When compared with the original specifications, our Devolro modifications add an incredible amount of power and functionality to this Tundra. Take this truck on the wildest offroading adventures and you still won’t even push it close to its limits. Some of the most popular features available in this customized Tundra package include:

  • Dev-X Polymer Protective Coating
  • 610+ HP with V8 5.7L 4X4
  • Thermal/Night Vision Camera
  • Rear Walk In Door
  • Wireless Charging Platform
  • High Performance Brakes
  • Upgraded Suspension
  • Increased Capacity Custom Fuel Tank
  • Custom Devolro Bodykit

Other enhancements incorporate premium grade black carbon fiber, Italian leather, and Alcantara interior and upholstery, Tesla style screen, and hidden safe.

Truck Specifications
  • Body & Exterior
    • Dev-X Polymer Protective Coating - Black UV Procected Finish
    • Steel Front Bumper with Bull Bar, Fog Lights & Warn Winch 10,000lbs cap
    • Front Mesh Grille with Carbon Fiber Logo
    • Devolro Wide Body Kit
    • Steel Rear Bumper with Parktronics
    • Rear Walk-in Door
    • Devolro Topper & Roof Rack with 360° LED Bars
    • Retractable Stepbars
    • Morimoto Headlights
    • Smoked Tailights
    • Phone Signal Booster
  • Upholstery & Interior
    • Premium Grade Italian Leather & Alcantara Full Upholstery
    • Premium Carbon Interior (Glossy Black) - Replacement of 25 Plastic Parts
    • Full Cabin Sound Deadening, Heat & Vibration Insulation
    • Passenger Power Seat
    • Wireless Charger Platform
    • XXL Tesla-Style Screen Monitor and Infotainment System
    • Thermal/Night Vision Camera
    • Rear View Mirror/ Display and Dashcam
    • Rear-bench Truck Vault Safe
  • Engine & Performances
    • 610+ Horsepower V8 5.7L 4x4
    • Magnuson Supercharger & Devolro Engine Components Upgrades
    • Unichicp
    • TRD Performance Dual Exhaust System
    • Kooks Longtube Headers
    • 5.29 Gear Ratio Upgrade
    • Upgraded Front & Rear Air Locker System (ARB)
  • Wheels & Suspension
    • 35’’ Tires / 20” Wheels (Nitto/Fuel)
    • High Performance 6 pistons Brembo Brakes
    • OME 4" Lift Kit & Suspension System with Coilover & Bypass Technology
    • Spring Leaf Reinforcement
    • Billet Aluminum Upper Control Arms with Delta Joint
    • Traction Bars
  • Technology
    • Wireless Charger Platform
    • XXL Tesla-Style Screen Monitor and Infotainment System
    • Thermal/Night Vision Camera
    • Rear View Mirror/ Display and Dashcam
  • Extras
    • TruckVault High-Security Drawer & CargoGlide - Bedmounted
    • Hi-Lift Jack (bed-mounted)
    • Train Horn
    • High-security Drawer and CargoGlide in the Trunk
    • ARB Air Compressor
    • Hi-Lift Jack Mount
    • High Output Alternator
    • Additional Battery and Hardware
    • Foldable Bed Step
    • Rear View Mirror/ Display and Dashcam


  • CAR 2020 Toyota Tundra
  • CAR TYPE Truck
  • TRAMSMISSION 10-speed shiftable automatic
  • ENGINE TYPE Gasoline

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