The Top 3 Best Vehicles for Overlanding


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Overlanding is a rite of passage for adventure-seekers, road-trippers and youngsters across the nation. The vision of the “Great American Road Trip” is alive and well, and even more people are headed out on cross-country journeys in search of new horizons and unforgettable experiences. 

One thing is for sure; whether you’re attempting to retrace the steps of others on the former Route 66 or taking in the sights of the Rubicon Trail in California, you’ll need the best overlanding vehicles to take you there. Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in one of these three vehicles, perfectly suited to the epic overlanding voyage. 

1. The Toyota Tundra

One of the top overlanding vehicles is the Toyota Tundra. It’s a classic choice for extended trips and overlanding conquests. With thoughtful features for long journeys this one will make it through any kind of weather and rough terrain to boot. Check out these great features:

  • The Tundra includes a front headlight bar and amber fog lights for great visibility
  • It’s body is easily customizable to lift and suit whatever your purpose 
  • Gear pods are easily installed and versatile to hold all your long-journey supplies

You can get a fully armored Toyota Tundra for added security if you plan to really go off the beaten path. The best overlanding vehicles really do have it all. 

2. The Ford F-150


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Ford lives up to its name. You’ve probably seen creative images of their newest release on Pinterest - you know, that truck that easily converts into a tent-on-the-go or a mini-RV? What makes this one so suited to long journeys is the tech features that go above and beyond the norm. 

  • It has Max Recline sleeper seats for overnight roadstops or naps on the go
  • A built-in generator adds extra security when you need it most
  • The PowerBoost hybrid drivetrain is yet another way Ford is stepping into the future

As one of the top overlanding vehicles, the Ford F-150 boasts some interesting overlanding-friendly features and gives you the smooth journey you’re looking for. 

3. The Toyota Tacoma

Efficiency and power meet as the Tacoma brings easy off-road capabilities with it on your overland adventures. Amazing suspension, smooth steering and plenty of storage make it the perfect vehicle to take with you on a cross-country trip. Here are some more things you’ll love:

  • The 6400 lb towing capacity is perfect for trips to the lake
  • New grille and wheel designs help it stand out from the crowd
  • Power-adjustable driver’s seat and interior climate-control system to beat the heat or the cold

When you’ve set your route, you’ll want a 100% customizable truck that can get you from one point to another without a hitch. Built for comfort and style, you’ll be right at home in the best overlanding vehicles, hands down. 

Customize for Overlanding With Devolro

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